What: Cosner Design is all about telling a story through imagery.  I believe that the best design is invisible.  Effective communication is about eliminating the noise in the message.  I am working on two books that will outline and showcase my approach to design.  The first book “The other CSS; a practical guide to design” will explain how Content, Structure, and Style merge into a simple workflow to follow on any type of design challenge.  “Matris Terra; concepts of the future” will showcase my art and storytelling with a glimpse of the near future as we embark on the third industrial revolution that propels us into the vastness of space.  Through the wonder of storytelling we can imagine futures and solutions to problems that do not yet exist.  Innovation and creativity grow from unencumbered imagination.

Why: Carl Sagan once wrote that we are “Starstuff pondering the stars” Consciousness does not follow any law of physics yet it is a measurable force in our universe as it moves mountains and scorches the earth.  Carl Sagan understood this force and believed it would lead us to conquer time itself.  We the ponderers must dream, create, and discover to evolve.  This to me is the meaning of life.

Who: I have always been fascinated with art and technology.  Seeking adventure after high school I joined the U.S. Army as a Helicopter Crewchief traveling to such exotic places as the Philippines, Thailand, and Guam while stationed in Hawaii.

I earned a BA in Graphic Design from West Virginia Wesleyan College and an MFA in Illustration from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Not fitting the typical mold of illustration, I focused my studies on the digital arts and storytelling. After a lengthy career in aviation and computer-based-training development, I now teach in higher education as a professor of graphics and digital media.

Where:  I spent many years developing computer-based-training applications.  Whenever possible I add animation as the physiology of our sight is primarily based on movement.  Modern designers have a vast set of tools at their disposal.  I incorporate as many as is needed to develop effective communication for clients all over the world.  I also carry a line of aviation paintings I developed that focus on movement and power.  These prints are sold world-wide and pay tribute to the hard-working men and women who design, build, maintain, and operate these incredible machines in order to keep us safe each night. 

My illustration clients range from education to military.  Every client has a need to visualize their concepts.  I love the challenge of illustration because I am always learning something new whether it be “How lightning works” (Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine), the feed cycle of a gatling gun (USMC), or home insulation products (pactiv).  There is a story to be told.  A need to educate, inform, or persuade.






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